• Wheels checked for loose spokes, rims inspected for damage & dents.

• Bottom bracket checked for rotation without play.

• Brakes checked for worn cables and pads, levers & cables lubricated.

• Brake checked for secure fitting,brake pads adjusted to hit on rim & avoid the tyre.

• Gears adjusted for best possible function, cables, derailleurs and shift levers inspected for wear.

• Tyres inspected for cuts, embedded objects and lack of tread, tubes inflated to correct pressure.

• Chain checked for correct tension, lubricated. Sprockets inspected for excessive wear.

• Steering checked for free movement without play, bars stem and saddle checked for correct fitting.








Please Note: This service features all of the GENERAL SERVICE work as above, plus complete stripping and cleaning of all parts on your cycle.

• Wheels trued and spokes tensioned, bearings replaced and regreased.

• Bottom bracket checked for rotation without play, stripped and regreased if possible or new unit.

• Brake mechanisms checked for smooth operation and if necessary stripped cleaned and reassembled.

• Brake cables stripped and replaced, v-brakes blanced. New brake blocks fitted if required.

• Gears adjusted and checked for perfect function, cables stripped and replaced.

• Head set stripped and re-greased or replaced as necessary, stem removed and greased.

• Disc brakes - Clean rotors - Pressure bleed system .


Please note: Replacing worn or damaged parts occure no labour charge to fit on this full service.




We also offer a great many other service options - we've listed some below, but if you need something a bit different done - just contact us and we'll set things up to your specs. Please note that the costs detailed below cover labour only.

Suspension servicing - Pricing-ependant on brand of fork or shock. We can service , Rockshox , Marzocci , Fox , Manitou.

Bike boxed include box - $50

Wheel Building- $120

Custom Build ups - Buy all parts from us and its free

Frame swap $150