About our store

          Avanti Plus Fleet Cycles has relocated!!!

Fleet Cycles is now located on the corner of Colombo & St Asaph street (184 Asaph street).

The new store is fully up and running now so come down and check it out.






Stocked by Fleet Cycles, Avanti is a home grown brand that continues to put our athletes in front at an international level. They have been designing and developing bikes for over 20 years in Australia and New Zealand.


Scott is the newest brand to emerge in the Fleet Cycles store, Scott bikes bring a new range of technolgy and inovation to the bike world with there fast stiff road bikes, the light dual supension mtbs with new twin lock traction control and there comfortable path and trail range. come in and check out the new range and get out there this summer. 


(Avanti BMX Development) has been making quite a mark on the BMX scene since its birth and is continuing to grow strongly. Fleet Cycles have a full range of dirt jump, bmx and racing bikes and lots of after market parts that you can buy.